GIA Bright And Even Cream
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Contains a variety of precious ingredients, which provide clear and effective all-round 
conditioning, targeting skin aging, pigmentation and other skin problems.  It also acts 
as a blemish concealer gives a soft focus for makeup use, and shields the skin.


《Lumisphere(diacetylboldine) 》With the instant functions of soft focus, as a blemish concealer for makeup 
    use, the skin becomes brighter , more delicate, and whiter. It lightens the skin and produces an even skin tone, thus 
    reducing pigmentation, and inhibiting tyrosinase activity and the synthesis of melanin.
《Humulus Lupulus Strobile》By inhibiting communication between keratinocytes and melanoma cells through 
    cytokine, inflammation can be controlled, and the number of melanocytes and melanin synthesis can be reduced.
《Bis-ethylhexyl hydroxydimethoxy benzylmalonate》With ultimate antioxidant capacity, and long-lasting 
    UV absorption potential.
《Revidrate》By maintaining the moisture and lipid balance in the epidermis, Revidrate helps the skin to regenerate 
    skin's natural moisturizing factors and keep the skin in a long-lasting moisturized state.
《Hyaluronic Acid》For providing long-term moisturization to the epidermis, cuticle and corium while nourishing and 
    softening skin.
《Vitamin E》Vitamin E delays cell aging, prevents scaring, helps skin healing, fights against oxidation, and reduces 
    melanin deposits.
《Rosa gallica flower extract / Glycerine / 1.3 Butylene glycol》Can enforce the hydrating function of 
    main material and protect skin from UV Rays.
《Borage oil/ Evening Primrose oil/ Rosehip oil…etc》To repair continuously sunburned, darkening, dry, 
    aging and  wrinkled skin.
《Cadriospermum halicacabum /Echium plautagineum /Helianthus annuus extract /Salix alba 
   bark extract》Supply  several anion nourishments to repair damaged skin and prevent irritation and inflammation.
《The multi-layer coating protective powders include Titanium dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron 
   oxides, Manganese-titanium dioxide, etc.》It provides a soft focus, acts as a blemish concealer, polish, 
    and sunscreen, presents a made-up look, and retains the effects of the main ingredients.
《Sodium potassium aluminum silicate, titanium dioxide, silica》The advanced spherical powder 
    coating technology effectively fills fine lines to create a smooth skin surface, and the special optical soft- focus effect 
    instantly gives the skin a wrinkle-free look, as well as a comfortable, refreshing, and silky-smooth feel.             



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