GIA Skin Whitening & Moisturizing Facial Mask
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This is an All-in-One facial mask. The features include : 
1. Nano palatinum supply : Moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated. Enforces skin’s original condition.
2. High efficiency and high penetration : Uses several highly penetrating natural materials to penetrate deeply into skin.
3. Manufactured at a low temperature : To keep the active properties of all its rare natural ingredients. 
4. Uses high quality materials from an international, well-known medical manufacturer : No need to wash your 
    face after using the mask. It provides you with continuous moisture.

  • Platinum supplement: It can lock the moisture on the surface of the skin, keep the skin moist and moist, and strengthen the original function of the skin.
  • High efficiency and high permeability: It uses a number of high-permeability natural raw materials to protect the skin from many natural essences.
  • Original cold operation low temperature modulation: keep precious natural ingredients, do not lose activity due to heating.
  • Strict selection of high-grade raw materials: adhere to the quality, bring long-lasting moisture to the skin, leaving no burden.
  • Improves dullness, achieves whitening, moisturizing and moisturizing skin.


Ingredients : 
Alpha-Arbutin, Octadecenedioic acid, Phyllanthus emblica fruit extract, Keratin, Ceramide, Ectoin, 
Cadriospermum halicacabum, Echium plautagineum, Helianthus annuus extract, Salix alba bark 
extract, Anions platinum, Aloe vera, Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, Rosa gallica flower extract, 
1,3 Butylene glycol, Urea humectant, Glycerine, Borage oil, Evening primrose oil, Rosehip oil, 
Wheatgerm oil, Jojoba oil, Macadamia nut oil, Avocado oil, Rose essential oil, Peppermint oil, 
PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, Vitamin E, Carboxypolymethylene, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, 
Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Purified water.


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