Every Cute And Lovable Hydrogel Aroma Doll Has A Story Of Its Own. Here Are The Stories Of 25 Dolls, Constellation Legends, Folk Legends... Let Us Be Together With Cute Dolls. Read These Wonderful Stories!

The Hydrogel Doll Garden Is A Semi-Outdoor Outdoor Garden With A Seating Seat Where You Can Enjoy The Outdoor Sun And Greenery, Relax And Stroll Through The Garden, And Admire The Large And Small Dolls In The Garden To Explore The Hydrogel Doll. How To Become Bigger And Smaller And Form A Secret.

There Are Hundreds Of Large And Small Doll Models In The Garden. Each Style Of Large And Small Dolls Starts From A Small Doll And Uses Hydrogel To Absorb High-Volume Water. After The Water Absorption, The Volume Will Become Larger, And The Volume Will Become Smaller After Dehydration.

The Factory Is Equipped With A Vacuum Fan System That Can Recycle More Than 50% Of The Fresh Air In The Pavilion And The Garden. In Addition, There Is A Water Mist Design In The Garden, Which Brings Natural Comfort And Coolness In The Hot Summer. The Plant Is Planted With A Dropper Type Regular Quantitative Watering System, Which Does Not Waste Precious Water.

Do You Know That Hydrogels Can Also Be Used For Hydroponic Farming? The Environmental Issue Is One Of Hongtai's Social Missions. Therefore, We Use The Hydrogel Water Absorption Characteristics To Set Up A Hydroponic Greenhouse To Work Together For Environmental Protection.

Adding Hydrogel To The Nutrient Solution Of Hydroponic Crops Not Only Has A Good Moisturizing Effect, But Also Allows The Various Nutrients In The Nutrient Solution To Be Absorbed Evenly And Fully By The Crops, Reducing Soil Pollution And Water Resources. The Cost Of This Technology Can Be Used In Areas With Soil Pollution And Water Shortages In The Future, And To Solve The Problem Of Food Production.

Instead Of Using Air-Conditioning To Control The Temperature, Our Greenhouses Use A Cooling System Consisting Of “Groundwater Tank Thermostat Cooling”, “Water Wall Cooling” And “Negative Pressure Fan” To Control The Greenhouse In A Confined Space At A Temperature Suitable For Plant Growth.

Essential Oils Can Be Used In The Production Of Hydrogel Aromatic Dolls. Through The Essential Oil Extraction Room, You Can See How Natural Essential Oils Are Extracted And Learn More About Essential Oils.

This Set Of Equipment Uses RO Pure Water, Extracts The Essential Oil Of The Plant By "Distillation Method", And Is Used For The Production Of Hydrogel Aromatic Dolls And The Sale Of Essential Oils. Distillation And Extraction Of Essential Oils Will Also Produce "Pure Dew", Which Can Be Used As A Raw Material For Beverages Or Beauty Care Products After Proper Dilution.

The Citronella Used In The Essential Oil Extraction Room Is Planted By The Sightseeing Factory Itself. Do You Know What The Lemongrass Looks Like? Looking For It, Where Is The Citronella?

The Hongtai Company Sells And Sells Products: Hydrogel Aromatic Dolls, Cold/Hot Compress Products, Electrotherapy Products, Medical Beauty Care Products And Health-Related Equipment Products, And Has A Seating Area And Hot And Cold Drinking Water Equipment.



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